Choosing the tiles for a bathroom is very important in any kinds of bathroom design since tile consume the most space in a bathroom design.

There are as many ways to tile a shower as there are types and colors of tiles. The only must-follow design rules are to select tiles that are waterproof and durable, and to ensure that they are grouted properly. Then, it’s time to have fun and stretch your creative imagination. Here are nine of our best ideas for your bathroom shower tile.

Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas with Nature Theme

Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

The function of bathroom isn’t just for take a bath and take a shower but also we can relaxation within the bathroom. Clean up and then relaxing in bathtub is an excellent moment. Well, if you want your bathroom can provide you with the sensation when you are relaxing, you can decorate your bathroom with using natural material for the bathroom tile.

Bathroom Shower Design ideas

Mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles are gaining their popularity since design your choice of pattern in tile bathroom shower design ideas. Combine small square ceramic tiles in various shades of the same color randomly to provide out contemporary look in your bathroom. Setting them in such a way to create a pattern for example forms or silhouette is going to be perfect.


Use accent strips and insert pieces to jazz up your shower. Run a band of different color tiles or listello strips at eye level in your shower surround to create an interesting line. Larger insert pieces can be centered in a pattern of smaller tiles as a beautiful accent. Consider using inserts in the same metallic color as your faucet trim to tie your shower together.

Shower Floors

Use smaller tiles when tiling a shower floor to allow the floor to slope to your drain. Mosaic tiles that are 3 inch by 3 inch or smaller make a good choice. Choose tile with a rougher texture to give good grip underfoot. Organic patterns can be achieved using stone pebble tiles, which can provide a relaxing natural texture underfoot. Other tiles, like 2 inch by 2 inch mosaics, are available in a variety of colors to match any decor.


You can create a unique design in your bathroom using a mural idea. You can buy a pre-packaged mural and apply it to your wall as a central focal point, then tile around the mural with coordinating colors.