Soap dispensers are refillable and can be made of either plastic, glass, ceramic, or metal. Outlined below are useful tips to choose a soap dispenser.

Bathroom soap dispensers are no longer a luxury item, but have become a necessary part of our daily life. These liquid dispensers are designed to dispense controlled amount of liquid soap that is needed to wash hands. Bathroom soap dispensers are easy-to-use and can help you to keep your bath clean.

Bathroom Soap Dispenser

Bathroom Soap Dispenser

There are many different types of soap dispensers available in the market and you can buy them online as well. They enhance the elegance and beauty of your bathroom sink area. Every time you use the soap dispenser, it provides equal amount of soaps and reduces wastage. You should be careful while buying a new soap dispenser.

Types of Soap Dispensers

The popular types of soap dispensers include manual dispensers, automatic dispensers, and pump dispensers. Manual dispensers can either have a pedal or a push button to release the liquid soap. In comparison, automatic dispensers come equipped with sensors that trigger the device, which, in turn, dispense the soap. The pump variety, however, is the most common manual style of pump that is widely used.

  • Automatic Soap Dispenser
  • Manual Soap Dispenser
  • Pump Soap Dispenser

Matching Sets

Soap dispensers also come in sets with matching bathroom accessories such as toothbrush caddies and wastebaskets or kitchen accessories such as towel holders or salt and pepper shakers. These are not designed to be disposable and should be refilled when they are empty. Similar dispensers can be used for lotions and might be part of the matching set.

High-quality soap dispensers might come in glass, ceramic, frosted glass or metallic finishes. These dispensers are available in many designs, from whimsical ceramic frogs to vintage glass to sleek contemporary chrome, stainless steel, brass or bronze. This type of dispenser is a more expensive option than a disposable plastic dispenser.

Material Concerns

While plastic dispensers are the cheapest and most popular style used, you will find containers made from ceramic, glass, and steel. Choose a dispenser to match with the bathroom d├ęcor, and also pay attention to the ones who would be using it. To be on the safe side, choose plastics or metal body dispensers for your children’s room, while you can opt for a glass or ceramic one for the master bedroom.

Swivel Dispensers

Swivel Dispensers


The two prominent styles of soap dispensers include wall-mounted or counter-mounted models. Electronic or automatic models are generally wall-mounted, thus, leaving your counter space free. Manually operated models, however, can be either fixed to the wall using brackets or rings, or can be made to stand by themselves on the counter. Some manual-operated soap dispensers can also be hung with the help of a nail or a hook to allow ease of access.

Foam Vs. Liquid Dispensers

You can choose between foam and liquid soap dispensers. The only point that separates one from the other is the fact that foam dispensers have dual pumps that when triggered move both soap and air together to form lather.

Swivel Dispensers

You can choose between the above-mentioned types of soap dispensers or go in for the swivel dispenser. One of the older means of soap dispensing, swivel dispensers are fitted to the wall with a container holding the liquid, which when turned, releases the soap solution.