Choosing the right sinks for small spaces helps you to keep the bathroom looking more spacious. Here are various suggestions for small sinks for small bathrooms.

These bathroom sinks sit on beautiful cabinetry and create a focal point by joining material and color contrasts with an appealing storage solution. Moreover, copper bathroom sinks can give countertops a rich, dramatic look in creating an exotic bathroom design. Every day your bathroom sink is attacked by the combination of gels, toothpaste, shaving cream, soaps and more. From small bathroom sinks to a modern sink or trough sink, we offer the latest and most trendy styles of sinks that will transform any bathroom. There is a perfect sink to fit any space you have, offered in a wide variety of styles, materials and color to stand up to your daily use and tackle any mold, mildew or grime that can be dished out.

Pedestal Sink

Floating Bathroom Sink

Floating Bathroom Sink

Pedestal bathroom sinks are also great small bathroom sinks and vanities. If you’re able to keep a open shelf outside the bathroom, that contains all the extra towels and toiletries, and a pedestal sink close to the door. A pedestal sink design is really that it has a freestanding pedestal leg supporting it. It’s also very easy to clean around. Choose white or off white color, when choosing this sink.

Floating Sink

These are the best small bathroom sinks. Because the sink is floating, the whole floor space is empty. This can be in two ways, under the sink, you can keep something, like a small dust bin, and therefore use this space effectively. Or just keep the floor space empty. Having an empty bathroom, is one of the how to make the small bathroom look larger. There are various types of floating sinks. You may either keep a vessel floating sink, a ceramic floating sink, metallic floating sink or a glass sink.

Wall-Mounted Sink

Common in small bathrooms of the 1940’s and 50’s, the wall-mounted sink’s washbowl and are attached to the wall, freeing up the floor space underneath. It’s a great choice for a retro or vintage-style bath where the exposed pipes are an integral part of your overall design scheme.

Elongated bathroom sinks

Elongated bathroom sinks

Console Sink

If you want the extra space that a pedestal or wall-mounted sink provide but simply must have a place to park your toothbrush, a console sink might be your best option. A delicate compromise between zero storage along with a room-hogging vanity, a console sink mounts towards the wall, but is also based on two to four slender legs. With counter space around the basin and the choice of a shelf for extra storage below, this compact sink provides the best of both worlds. Even less-than-petite models can provide a small bath the illusion of airiness, because of those skinny legs.

Elongated Sink

Here’s a super solution for a long, narrow bath utilized by two or more people: A skinny trough sink with double faucets. Depending upon the materials, it’s a look that may be charmingly vintage or coolly modern, such as the slender vessel sink pictured at left. At 48 inches wide and 15 inches deep, this model is designed to fit like a glove inside a sleek and scaled-down vanity.