Some shower baths have an integrated shelf which does an excellent job of both saving water and providing an area for all of your shampoos, conditioners and body lotions. Traditionally, shower baths are talked about as being either L or P shaped, which attributes to the square and clean cut look or the gently sloped curve. However shower baths can also be created by adding a shower screen to a straight single or double ended bath, thus making shower baths suitable for all sizes of

imgOur P Shape Shower Bath 1700 RH is a superb space saving selection for those with smaller bathrooms. As a shower and bath in one, you’ll be able to pair it having a clear glass screen to total the ensemble.

It is produced of acrylic, and totally reinforced with fibreglass. It has a 230 litre water capacity, and is 1700 millimetres lengthy and 750 millimetres wide. It consists of a curved , chrome moveable bath screen and front panel.

We also have numerous other P shape shower baths with distinct litre capacities, lengths, and widths. Browse via our collection to locate one that is proper for your bathroom, or request a copy of our free of charge catalogue.

Magnetic Bottoms

Some shower curtain liners come with a magnetic bottom to keep the liner from moving while taking your bath or shower. Liners also come with holes that are reinforced so they withstand wear and tear better. Do not put this type of liner in the washing machine. You can hand wash them.

Power shower

For those with low water pressure there’s few other options aside from a power shower (other than a bath!). Power showers were considered the ideal shower for many years and are often still considered an upgrade.

Shower Curtain Colors

Choosing the color of the shower curtain liner is easy. When the actual shower curtain hangs outside of the tub it is good to match the color of the shower curtain liner to the shower curtain. If your bathroom is small, you should choose light colors. If the bathroom if large, you could buy a dark and bright colored shower curtain liner. A clear plastic liner works for many bathrooms.

Mixer shower

Mixer showers can be the simplest form of shower to install, plugging straight into a bath tap. The flow rate is often good and this can feel like the default answer for many home owners.

Focal point

The bath is often the main focal point of the bathroom so you need to consider carefully the sort of style, shape and material you want. Usually it’s the size and shape of the room that dictates what sort of bath you buy and if you’re lucky enough to have a large space to play with, you can take your pick from a wide range of options including luxury freestanding baths and circular tubs with plenty of room for two.