It is important that people clean their bathroom, shower tiles, or grout regularly. There are several steps for cleaning tile showers.

Cleaning the bathroom might seem a bit daunting at first cleaning the toilet requires different products and methods than cleaning the shower, and cleaning all the tiles in the bathroom can seem very complicated! Never fear here are a couple of strategies for cleaning tiles that make the process easy and effective.

How to Clean Natural Shower Tiles

How to Clean Natural Shower Tiles

Always be certain you thoroughly rinse the region after using cleaning products. As shower tiles are prone to be wet frequently and bathrooms are humid rooms in general they are very prone to the development of moulds and mildew. Periodic cleaning can help stop this from taking root and spreading, so keep a lookout as it is integral towards the health of the people using the shower and bathroom.

Steps for Cleaning Tile Showers:

Many of us enjoy using the showers however, many things that turn us off are dirty shower wall tiles. Having dirty shower wall tiles could be disgusting, especially if the amount of dirt has gotten out of hand. If you want to continue to shower in a clean environment, then some sacrifices should be made in order to make this happen. Here are some tips you can use to clean shower wall tiles and them clean.

  • Pre-Scrub

Dobies are great for removing soap scum from shower doors and tile within the bathroom. Use a dry dobie to loosen soap scum build-up before you use your cleaning product.

  • Spray & Soak

Pre-treat the whole shower surface with your favorite tub and tile cleaner, especially on regions of heavy buildup. Let it soak for five minutes to penetrate the soap scum, mold and mildew lurking in the grout as well as on the shower tiles.

  • Scrub

    Cleaning Tile Showers

    Cleaning Tile Showers

Now that gunk on your shower walls is great and loose, use the dobie to wash the shower until the surface is clean. Reapply more tile cleaner when needed for areas with stubborn mildew and mold.

  • Rinse

Use hot, clean water to clean off the excess soap from your shower doors and tiles. Letting the water run to a hotter temperature helps loosen leftover buildup.

  • Dry

You simply cleaned off the water spots, kind you allow more water spots to create? Drying off the door and tiles is a vital step in cleaning your shower and really should be something you do regularly to slow down the growth of mold, mildew and soap scum.