Bathroom vanities are available in different types and styles, to suit individual needs.

A clean and beautiful bathroom shows your personality types. The type of colors, tiles, designs in the bathroom makes it beautiful and attractive to look at. The bathroom vanity gives you an option to use the unoccupied space in a different way. The vanities for bathroom are now coming in various designs. The vanities that the bathroom now adorns are in material wood or may be made of PVC. The vanities attached to the bathroom basin give a stylish look to the bathroom along with a clutter free look to the bathroom.

Bathroom Vanity Types & Styles:

Different Types Of Bathroom Vanities And It's Benefits

Different Types Of Bathroom Vanities And It’s Benefits

Wood Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanities are available in different wood variations, made from oak, mahogany and other lesser woods. Some other wooden bathroom vanities are painted and devoid of the organic look of wood. Varying luxury, craftsmanship and affordability is provided by each wood type. The most expensive of all wood vanities are oak and mahogany. However, they’re also highly preferred for their solid construction and stylish looks. You can go for your desired style in wooden vanities, based on your budget.

Cabinet style vanity

The cabinet style vanity is the most versatile of all vanities available for the bathroom. It is utilized with the different types of sinks available for use in the bathroom including under-mounted sinks and drop-in sinks. You can opt for a single or double bowl transforming I into an expensive piece of furniture in the bathroom. The counter top consists of a surface that is solid to the touch with concealed supply and waste lines.

Contemporary Bathroom Vanity

Contemporary vanities are created using different materials and offer single and double sink variations. They display a modern design and come with unique details and designs. Integrating a contemporary bathroom vanity for your bathroom will require all the bathroom furnishing and fixtures to utilize the vanity, rather than against it. The modish appeal and one-of-a-kind type of contemporary vanities is finding a favor among many.

Double Bathroom Vanity

Double bathroom vanities contain two sinks in one long vanity. This type of vanity can be found in most of the master bathrooms in your own home. Double sink vanities allow for separate sinks, where several people uses the same bathroom. This kind of vanity comes in wood, glass, antique, and contemporary designs. As a result, a varied variety can be obtained to choose from, when it comes to overall bathroom designs. Double bathroom vanities are bigger than the others and therefore, require more space in the bathrooms.

Contemporary Bathroom Vanity

Contemporary Bathroom Vanity

Benefits of Bathroom Vanities:

Bathroom vanities don’t simply change the look of your bathroom but also impart comfort and luxury in your lifestyle. Your bathroom which is otherwise a neglected corner of your property comes alive with appropriate bathroom vanity. A vanity consists of sink faucet, countertop and cabinet. It may be made of wood, ceramic and glass. Arriving two types -traditional and contemporary; you’ve lots of options to choose from based on budget, styling preference and requirement. For example, yours is a big family or else you both are working and have to ready at the same time, double vanities are for you where you will get two sinks and two cabinets.

Also, vanities can help you to provide your bathroom a clean and arranged look. The toiletries don’t appear stock up in the upper shelves of bathroom. You can arrange them in the cabinet shelves without giving the planet a peep into your personal affair. Your cosmetics don’t have to pile up on the countertop from the sink; instead they can find their house in cabinet. Same goes for the tools and medicine. Whenever there’s some emergency, you know in which you need to find them. Double vanity bathroom may have two cabinets where you can accommodate more stuff.