Some general ideas for decorating bathrooms for a romantic bath include red roses, candles, lights, showers and Rose etc.

Romantic bathroom decorating ideas can open up your sentiments of adoration. As romance is an intriguing word. It evokes a wide range of musings for both male and female, candlelight, delicate music, champagne and fragrance can give you the vibe of warm and welcoming. According to your own preferences and style of your interior, the Romantic bathroom decor turns out versatile. Creating a romantic bathroom is all about setting the right mood so the space feels warm and inviting.

To create a quixotic bath a proper atmosphere should be made. Romantic bath may be at home or with a hotel. You can arrange to start dating ? pool side or also in the backyard of your dwelling. It all depends from what extent you and your lover are comfortable. There should be romantic and passionate ideas used for the same. Here are some very exotic ideas to make your bathroom spa like and romantic:

Romantic Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Romantic Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Get Moody with Lighting

When romance is on the agenda, the right lighting can make or break the mood. A striking overhead fixture such as a chandelier or series of colorful pendant lights can make a bold design statement, but if you want a romantic look, attach it to a dimmer switch that allows you to lower the lighting when you want to make the room feel more intimate. You should also have plenty of pillar candles around your tub. When you’re feeling particularly romantic, turn the dimmer switch down almost all the way and let the candlelight set the mood. If there isn’t a ledge around your tub on which to set candles, add a table or a few stone pedestals beside the bathtub for a more dramatic look.

Red Love Rose

The color red and the flower rose are always connected to love and romance. To use both of these symbol of love to set up a romantic ambiance you can use red colored candles all over your bathroom. You can also make a heart from rose petals at the entrance of the bathroom and place a candle in the center. If you have a bath tub put rose essence in the water and use white and red colored petals in the water. This is one of the most beautiful ways to make your bathroom ready for a romantic bath.


To enhance a nature-inspired and a relaxing space, choose a shower featuring clear glass doors to let natural light in. Create a great shower experience with an extra-large shower rose that mimics raindrops or a multi-spray shower which can make one feel pampered and relaxed, creating a wonderfully romantic frame of mind.

Seating Arrangement and Music

Seating Arrangement and Music

Fixtures and Furnishings

Choose fixtures and furnishings with old world feel like French provincial style. Enhance the romantic feel using old world style brass plumbing fixtures. For a vintage romantic feel, install old-fashioned style claw foot tub. Spa tubs create a modern romantic feel and can make your bathroom feel like a private resort. If you have room in your bathroom, add furnishings like vanity tables and decorative shelves. Polished brass would also make a nice addition.

Keep it clean

Make sure to clean the bathroom frequently to remove mold, bacteria, and grime that naturally builds up on the walls, tub, and counters. Get proper storage containers to stow away unsightly hygienic products, blow driers, combs, and other toiletries. Pick up laundry and put it in the hamper. There’s nothing sexy about a mess.