Bathrooms are a common clutter spot but there's no need for mess if you utilise these clever space-saving storage tricks.


Making the most of a small bathroom without adding clutter is a challenging task for many homeowners. Despite limited space, a small bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a home.Bathroom needs to store many things including toiletries, towels, cleaning supplies and more. What happens when you have a small bathroom that’s short on storage? You can use these innovative bathroom storage ideas.

Among the problems of a small bathroom is in fact finding the space for storage in these little spaces. There might not be any storage space under the mirror, instead the builder chose a simple stand sink without a place to store anything.

Vintage-Inspired Storage

Small Bathroom Storage

Small Bathroom Storage

Designer Vintage-Inspired Storage two large wicker baskets on a vintage vanity shelf to keep bathroom toiletries at hand and to bring visual appeal to the all-white bathroom. The vanity’s vintage design provides a place to hang towels.

Add-On Storage

Add-ons make a simple vanity a storage workhorse. An L-shape shelf and towel bar create practical places for hand towels and extra supplies to land. Decorative glass
containers and baskets create a pretty and practical display.

Wall-mounted Storage space Spaces

In these locations, storage areas about the partitions provide extra space on the floor. Additionally, in case you are discussing the bathroom with another person, you might need to talk about your cabinet too, for two shelves even around the wall might make the bathroom overloaded.

Space on the rear of the door

Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathroom Storage space Ideas

Space may also be utilized at the rear of the door to hold cloth hand bags and shop a number of little items in these folks. Installing the vanity will even maximize your space for storage inside the bathroom. You will find really great vanities around the market that not have only storage space but additionally drawers. You’ll be amazed at the main difference a mirror can make not just since space for storage but also as being a revamping and ornamental concept.

Bathroom Storage space Ideas

If you don’t fit cabinets or even do not like their looks, then containers are an alternative choice for bathroom storage. Extended, narrow containers can be place near the w/c tank to keep toilet tissue and other items. Another container can be mounted on the mirror or at the ground to store generally used hair-dryers, paint brushes, and other products.

Multiple Storage Ideas

Managing all of your bathroom essentials might require combining several storage options. Wooden crates with a coat of fresh paint stack up as colorful bathroom storage. Attach the boxes together using wood glue or nails. Metal bins and glass jars placed in a few of the crates corral small items such as sponges, bath salts, and cotton balls.