Here are the best list of teen bedroom decoration ideas to assist you design the perfect room for your teenage girls.

Decoration ideas for teenage girls’ bedroom are very different from for child’s style and adult taste. Decorating a bedroom for a teenage girl can be challenging. Every teen girl has her own style and taste, and wants their room to look picture perfect. We should decorate her bedroom in the color scheme of their favorites and with various accessories which would reflect her interests, personality and hobbies.

decorate a teenage girls bedroom

decorate a teenage girls bedroom

Teenage girls room decorating ideas generally differ from those of boys. But while decorating a teenage girl’s room you should remember to make it look like a princess abode, and remember that a teenage girl’s room is her castle. So since you here we suppose that you are looking for fresh design ideas for pretentious and stylish teenage girls right.

Teenage Girls Room Decorating Ideas

Art and accessories

Art and accessories are key in decorating a teenage girl’s room, and the items should reflect who she is and what she’s interested in. If a teen is interested in graphic design, over-sized letters or sayings hung on the wall or balanced on shelves and colorful advertisements can inspire her. For a teen who loves fashion, purses hung on the wall and chairs fashioned to look like shoes can be paired with dress forms and fashion-inspired prints hung on the wall.

Don’t forget the lights

Have some good lighting in your room. Have a desk lamp so that you have good light when you’re studying, but have some other cool lights too. You can buy lanterns, fairy lights, or lamps in different shapes, sizes, and colors to really make a statement in your room.


There are many ways to floor a bedroom! It all depends on what your teen and you prefer. It’s conventional for carpet in the bedroom but it actually depends on the household! Pick a flooring that almost contrasts with the wall but still compliments the room.

Teenage Girls Bedroom design

Teenage Girls Bedroom design


The colors are also important because they can increase the space visually and make it airy or quite the contrary. In case you go wrong with the color choice the teen room would look uninviting and unpleasant and this would have an effect on the mood of your teenage girl.

Storage Heaven

Some girls tend to accumulate a lot of personal possessions over the years. For a teenage girl that doesn’t like to get rid of things or maybe has a propensity to be a little messy, control the clutter with a storage inspired bedroom. Not only can storage be worked into the styling of a bedroom, it is also very functional. Build or buy extra shelves for the bedroom to hold items, and paint them in bright, fun colors. Use wicker bins that slide onto shelves to hold additional possessions, and find interesting trunks, baskets, and dressers to make a clutter free bedroom possible.