There are certain basic bathroom fittings and important bathroom accessories which shows a sign of a complete and comfortable bathroom.

Decorate your bathroom in luxury style with our fabulous assortment of gadgets, essentials and decorative accessories for those perfect finishing touches. From hi-tech soap dispensers to intricate storage boxes, you will find styles to complement any interior theme with our array of practical yet chic bathroom additions. Even after decades the basic elements of a bathroom still remain the same. This generally includes shower, tub, vanity fittings, light fixtures, counters and hangers. However, latest design trends is all about reinventing and redesigning these accents which is easier said than done.

bathroom fittings design

bathroom fittings design

Soft & Patterned Towels

Most of the bathrooms have to deal with dull or white color towels which is at times monotonus and unwanted. Freshen up your towel collection with few of the floral prints towel, strips print towel, cartoon prints towels for kids, few feminine prints towels etc. They add in a bright touch to your dull and boring bathroom designs.

Cross Water Taps

Cross water taps are usually known for their formula of uniform release of water. These taps come with trendy handles providing easy grip and designed to suit even the most dynamic and vivid architecture. Cross water taps are available in various sizes, designs, finishes and weights. These taps are improved by unique machinery and they suit both contemporary as well as traditional bathroom suites. They are a perfect match for every budget and interior. They are corrosion resistant, durable, abrasion and have great resistance to regular deterioration.

Shower Valves

Shower valves are a must for accentuating the look and the feel of a bathroom and therefore you must make sure to get hold of the best quality shower valves that can be afforded. Do not go for the cheap shower valves because they might look good from their exteriors, but their internal parts might cause many problems in future. When trying to get the best bathroom accessories and fittings, do not have a very tight budget because this will land you in great trouble with the possession of cheap products.

A Mirror

Bathroom mirrors aid in streamlining the grand décor of the bathrooms. These mirrors are perfect for bathing, shaving and grooming purpose and they suit all the requirements of regular life. These mirrors are efficient in rendering sufficient quantity of light to an individual’s face and this facilitates in grooming and shaving even during the night. The mirrors create a very soothing ambience in the bathroom.

Bathroom Shower Valves

Bathroom Shower Valves

Plush Slippers

Add a cozy and comfortable way to come out after your bath by just installing few pairs of plush slippers. Let your feet walk in comfort and soft linen or towel cloth rapped in a plush slipper. Make a complete feel and give a personal touch to your bathroom settings.

Electrical Fittings And Lights

Bathroom interior designing gives an immense importance to the electrical fittings not just to the bathrooms but the entire home. Before decorating the bathroom one has to plan for points for electrical fittings and accessories. Right placement of geysers, heated towel rails, electrical points and switches for hair dryers and shaves and hot tub bath gives and elegant look to bathroom. There wide range, brands and designs of plugs, switches, power outlets and lights are available in the Market.